About Us

Ehrlich Gress is based in New Canaan, CT with offices in New York, NY and Augusta, GA. We are a 55 year old, privately held, full service company providing "value added" design, marketing, sales and distribution to off shore textile manufacturers. We provide a factory direct to retail business model. We partner only with “best in class” companies and these non-competing companies tie into our infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of setting up their own operations. ​We bring a full service package direct to the marketplace for you while keeping your corporate identity out front.

Who We Are

Some manufacturers are differentiating their product, but few are changing their business model to service the market directly, eliminating the markup of a middleman. This is where Ehrlich Gress comes in. From helping to establish a US based company to delivering finished product, we are there to execute all facets required to do business directly in the US. We have a design/product development team with a proven commercial record of success at retail. We have experienced merchants and a national selling organization that has established relationships with all major retailers in the US. We have east coast and west coast EDI warehousing capabilities set up to distribute goods on a one time or replenishment basis. ​

Mission Statement

To provide overseas textile mills with long-term opportunities in the US market that fit their goals and competencies. We strive to be constantly and consistently creative and aware of the trends that shape our markets allowing us to have a free, open and honest exchange of information and ideas to promote our common goals.